Last year we produced four healthcare commercials with Agency Creative Director, Tim Holt of Marker3 Advertising in Virginia Beach, VA and their hospital client. This was a great opportunity to showcase what we could accomplish not only on a healthcare commercial but also with a hybrid shoot. We shot stills and motion, on a relatively low budget in one of the most demanding categories. Handling the stills was one of the Southeast’s top people shooters, Nick Burchell. Having him along was great as he loves to contribute to the production as a whole.


We shot in three great locations in three days and got to see basically how beautiful central VA can be. We were blown away by the wine country. And some of the wine wasn’t too bad either.


Of course, this is one of the great things about going on production, getting to see different parts of world and to capture the beauty. And on top of that, meeting new people and making friends in interesting places isn’t bad either.


We brought the RED configured as light as possible, enabling us to move quickly and shoot when the light was spectacular. This enabled us the get footage that captured the optimistic mood the agency creative team and the client wanted for the healthcare commercial job. In the above still, you can see how soft the light was early in the day in the Appalachian foothills.

Here’s a couple of the healthcare spots we shot that week in Virginia. Editorial was done in native RED RAW using Adobe Creative Suite’s Premiere Pro while color grading was done in Davinci Resolve.



Production stills by Nick Burchell.