Just a few years ago, Web video marketing was new and confined mostly to on site video and a random YouTube videos. Now the landscape is much more challenging. Marketers should start taking their web video placement as seriously as they do other media.

Options now include but are not limited to:

In banner: Flash and HTML5 banners now stream video content regularly. However, sizes are often odd and it requires planning and expertise to do it right.

Pre roll: These look and feel a lot like 30 or 15 second TV spots. The main difference between creating one of these and a regular television spot is budget and delivery. Rarely do you have the same amount of funds to create a web spot as you do a television spot, and also there are considerations involved in preparing the files properly for web delivery.

Webisodes: Webisodes can be a great way to get your message to the masses. Considerations include finding the budget and also a production partner that can execute on budget. Also, do you have a built-in audience or do you need to partner with a property that does?

Facebook: Everyone thought Facebook would be a major player in video by now but they’ve disappointed so far. But you can’t ignore the internet’s second most popular site (only behind Google).

YouTube: How do you stand out among four billion hours of video? Well, it takes a strategy and quality content to get noticed – unless lighting strikes and you’ve got a really cute baby with a talking cat who plays the piano…

On site: On your site, video is now expected. Many marketers are finding it useful to have branding content on their home page, product videos on product pages and how to videos on support pages. The the concern becomes how do you execute all of this to feel consistent and do it on budget?

Mobile video: People are watching more and more video on mobile devices. iPhones, iPads, Andriod tablets and phones, Nooks and Kindles are now the fastest growing segment of video watching devices. That means you need be sure your content plays well at these various scales and you need a way to deliver it successfully.

I’ve just scratched the surface of what you need to concern yourself with when producing video content for the web. It’s also a space that is changing daily. That means tomorrow something new could emerge that makes your job even more challenging.