Part of the vision of Fluid Films is the recognition that the needs of video production clients is different than it was just a few years ago. TV commercial productions now have smaller budgets and web video is more demanding. Agencies and marketers need a partner who can deliver a high-quality product quickly and efficiently.

In this reality, it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s common to hear frustration from busy professionals when it comes to pricing. Why can’t they get a straight answer about what something costs? There are a lot of great answers to that question. Especially when it comes to complex commercial shoots with special effects, several locations and multiple actors and extras.

But why can’t there be a simpler model than an involved bid for a simple web video? Do you really need to wait days just to find out the cost of a three-minute internet video? It can also be as frustrating for us to spend the required time to work up a detailed bid only to discover we’re not even in the same ballpark. Well, we think we’ve solved the problem.

We now offer a simple base price for web video shoots. Want to learn more about our new pricing model? Give us a call at 404 357-0301 or shoot us an email and we can tell you more or less what a job will cost right on the spot.