You need Atlanta video production resources. Good thing we have spent the last two decades learning the ins and outs of producing in Atlanta. We use our 20 years of learning every day to be more effective for ourselves and our clients.

It wasn’t glamorous getting our experience. It involved long days, heavy workloads and sore backs. But the dividends have been huge. Knowledge that makes us an asset to our clients.

Our two decades of experience producing film and video in Georgia means we know the who, what, when and where of getting it done. Need to know where to shoot a sunrise with the skyline in the background? Need to know who is the best director of photography to shoot a fashion video on the 10th of May? Need to know when is the best week to shoot fall leaves in the North Georgia mountains? Need to find a great location sound mixer in Georgia?

Atlanta Film and video production

These are just some of the questions that people have when producing in Atlanta and Georgia. We’ve seen a lot of things working in this city. Many of which can never mention online. If you’re new to Atlanta or just new to producing and need some help on your next project, feel free to reach out and let us set you up for success. We’re happy to answer questions about how we can not just get your production of the ground but help you make it great.