Note the heading is not how to make a viral video. “Viral video” is one of the industry’s most misleading terms, especially when it comes to marketing videos.

It may have been possible to create marketing that was passed around as subversive content 10 years ago. But now, the online audience is pretty jaded. They’re not going to mistake your marketing department’s dancing/singing/smoking baby as something fun to pass on or be open to your marketing message. Video advertising on the web just isn’t new any more. Don’t believe me? Take a look at your Facebook feed and your email inbox? How many “viral videos” do you see? I don’t see one that isn’t “sponsored.”

Ad Age tracks online video adverting and none of the top marketing is truly viral. It’s all from big advertisers and heavily promoted. We’ve seen people who don’t think the rules apply to them spend money on content and none on promotion, it’s nearly impossible for them to succeed.

So is there a way to get your video thousands and thousands and thousands of views? Absolutely. It’s a two step processes and it’s pretty old school.

Step one: Produce a great video that people want to watch.

Step two: Have a media/promotional plan.

Follow these steps and your brand will have a chance of making your video viral and possible on the ranks of the Viral Video Charts.