A 4K video revolution has started and few marketers have taken note.

The screen resolution of a MacBook pro retina: 2880-by-1800

The screen resolution of a iPad retina: 2048-by-1536

Screen resolution of a new LG television: 3840 X 2160

All of these devices have a screen resolution well over 1920 by 1080. Ever browse the web and see a picture blow up more than it should be? That’s what your HD video is going to start looking like to the owners of high-end devices pretty soon. And frankly, the competition will be catching up with the iPad soon enough.

Need further proof? YouTube now has a channel dedicated to 4K content. YouTube wouldn’t be serving larger files if they didn’t need to.

If you’re creating content to be played on the latest devices, soon enough it will be expected to created in 4K. Why not get ahead of the curve while you still can?