Now that 360 video is available to anyone with a smartphone smart marketers are figuring out how they can use it to connect with customers and sell more products. Here are a few uses you may not have thought of yet:

  1. Product demonstrations in real world environments. Traditional video can only show a demonstration in 2d. With 360 video you can really see and feel how a product works in a real world setting. Imagine getting in a new car without driving to a dealership.
  2. Previewing locations. In the hotel or travel business? Don’t make your future guests guess what it will be like staying in one of your rooms. Show them in experiential video.
  3. Integrate 360 product video right into your e-commerce experience. Imagine what a few percentage points better online conversion can do for you metrics.
  4. Bring your advertising campaign to life. Add a 360 competent to your campaign and ask potential customers to experience your brand in a new way.
  5. Use 360 live video to offer customers a live and direct VR brand experience.

These are just a few ways we think 360 video is going to transform marketing in the near future. Want a little help getting your 360 brand experience up and running? We’re here to help.