Sure, we shoot “video” but we’re not videographers. So why does it matter?

Videographers shooting on a Red One MX camera

Sometimes when we talk to new and prospective clients, they’re “just looking for a videographer” mainly because they don’t want to spend a lot of money. Ironically, when we explain to them that we’re filmakers and storytellers who are expert in telling the story of their cause, product or brand using video,  a light bulb goes off and their attitude changes.

What do they suddenly see? That the project which started as a simple need to have something “videoed” has become an opportunity to tell their story in multiple channels both internally and externally. Companies will see that a video created for an event will also become a powerful vehicle for the website or to use on YouTube. An ad agency will turn a simple video or television commercial into a web video advertising campaign across banners, pre-roll and YouTube.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being a videographer, if that’s you passion. It’s just that our passion is storytelling, we just happen to do it with really cool movie cameras. To learn what it’s like to work with us just drop us a note.