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National Association of Broadcasters trade show

It’s almost time for the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas. It the annual show where the suppliers to the television and film industries show of the latest in video technology. There will be all sorts of cool new stuff introduced, no doubt. Tech heads and the business press will eat it up. Most of it will be extremely expensive and much of it unavailable until a later date.

We will not be there. You see, we have the important task of working with clients. Our clients are our priority. Without them all the new wiz-bang stuff would be pointless anyway.

As producers of creative content, our job is much the same as the job of the poets of ancient Greece. Tell a story well with the tools you have at hand. The new devices that will be show at NAB would probably blow Homer’s mind. But once he got the hang of them, we feel pretty confident he’d be able to tell a story using the newest technology. Just like Clint Eastwood is still making great movies into his 80s.

Sure, we may have to read a manual and learn a few new systems every year. Maybe even learn a new software program. We’re eager to take advantage of the latest tools. VR cameras, drones and immersive sound recording. It’s all cool. And when serves the story our clients need told, we will deploy it! And so why we may be reading about the new video technology announcements happening at NAB, don’t look for us on the showroom floor. We’ll be busy working for our clients.