The news business, whether the business trades publications, the political reports or the technology pages need something new to report. They need change to keep us reading. In the video business, this is 4K, 8K, 3D, VR, drones, social, programatic, Instagram, streaming, web, mobile and the list never ends. This is all well and good. And we should keep up with what’s new and news.

But how much has the business of video really changed? I’m going to argue that the fundamentals haven’t really changed and never will. If you view things from a creative mindset, storytelling is was, is and always will be the reason people engage with video content. The technology has changed over time but the desire for a great story hasn’t. This is evident in the fact that we can sill watch a movie like Citizen Kane from 1941 and still think it’s a great movie. Certainly the technology has come a very long way since the debut of Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977 yet fans are still arguing about whether it was the best Star Wars movie of all time.

Star Wars logo

Despite being filmed with old tech, the frist Star Wars movie is still regarded as the best by many.

As video makers and producers, we should always learn what we can about the latest technology. But we should never think of it as “game changer” because our game is story telling and that will never change.