Some video production tips are pretty simple. Never use just one camera when on video production. There are a lot of good reasons for multiple cameras and only one against multiple cameras. Against: that’s your shoot day costs. The cost of a camera and operator.

But how much would you pay for an another option during edit? Like when you’re attempting to make action happen faster on a television commercial or you need to cut out a pause or stutter during an interview, a second camera to cut to is invaluable in this situation.

A second camera can also make your video production’s shooting day go much quicker since you won’t have to reset and do more takes to get a different focal length or framing.

A third, and probably the most important, reason is in case something goes wrong.  You could have a camera break, over heat, or even provide a corrupt file. These are things that are seldom planned for but should be in the age of digital cameras. Fortunately, equipment failure doesn’t have to be a big deal when you have multiple camera bodies on set.

Good luck your next shoot and don’t forget to look out for more commercial production tips here.