While the tech writers and media pundits debate the tech specs of the new Amazon Fire vs the Apple iPad, we in the media, marketing and content creation business need only to focus on two areas. What content does the device actually deliver out of the box and how large of an audience is it likely to capture?
Amazon already has a huge audience with millions visiting it’s site daily shopping. And millions more access it’s content delivery system through eBook delivery and Amazon Prime. This new device will be able to access this system in a more convenient and user friendly way than ever and do at an even more accessible price point than the Apple iPad. Right out of the gate the device will be able to “access to more than 100,000 movies and TV shows; 17 million songs; 1 million books; and hundreds of newspapers and magazines.”

Just like with the iPad, marketers need to look at this device and it’s capabilities and see how it can be leveraged to their brand’s advantage.