This years Super Bowl advertising will certainly contain a several surprises and letdowns. Budweiser looks to be doing more of what has worked in the past. Bud Light has produced something involving celebrities and hidden cameras they’ve been teasing throughout the playoffs – should be interesting.

GoDaddy claims to have grown up beyond their preteens. And there’s some interesting stuff from Intuit where they’re providing a Superbowl spot to a small business. And of course, Doritos is continuing it’s ad contest and likely getting a lot more miles out of it’s media buy than anyone else.

If you’re really interested in the following closely read Adweek’s Superbowl Tracker.

So now for the predictions. Audi has a winner with their Doberhuahua. I suspect this will appeal to a lot of people and may be hailed as a best. I also expect another strong ad from Ram. Budweiser will also have a few good ones and the media will love the sappy one. Coke is likely to do well too. Also folks will like the Toyota Muppet ad. Colbert fans will like his Pistachio spot and women will like John Stamos again. Huyndai spots are good too. People will not be all that impressed with the SquareSpace ad or Kia’s Matrix ad which just sort of falls flat. I also suspect GoDaddy’s grown up add will not be all that.

So that’s our predictions for this year’s Super Bowl Advertising. Now for the game. Seahawks by 6.