Creating effective social media video for your brand

When you look at social media today, you’ll find all sorts of examples of social media video for brands. There is standard YouTube videos,  Facebook video, live video, Pariscope video, Instagram video and even 360 VR content. With such a wide range of possibilities how does a company know what to do?

First and foremost know your brand. If you know your brand and its core customer you’ll know what type of content represents the brand well and you’ll also know what the customer is watching and on what platforms. It really as simple as drawing a Venn diagram and seeing where the overlap is. If you’re a fashion brand, Instagram makes a lot of sense. If you’re an accounting firm you may want to focus on LinkedIn. But if you’re a packaged goods brand you may want to focus on multiple platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

When considering the type of content, again, know your customer. What interests them? Are they looking to be educated or entertained? Be sure you’re content represents your brand effectively and you’ll be off to a good start. Then listen to the feedback after you start creating content.

Production quality is a big component of social media videos. For live video there seems to be an expectation that someone may just be talking to a propped up phone or tablet. That’s probably OK for now if you’re a YouTube star or  you’re not a major brand. But as media matures the so do expectations of quality. For medium to large size companies wish to make an impact with social media video content, it’s important to create high-quality content. And this does not include walking around the office with an iPhone talking to the sales manager.

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