Plan for problems so you can overcome them on your next shoot.

Motion picture and video production requires a tremendous amount of planning, labor and resources focused on a fixed amount of time. Many producers forget to plan for problems.

What happens if something goes wrong like someone doesn’t bother to show up on time or a piece of gear breaks down? Potentially you have a bunch of people and equipment sitting around burning up money and getting nothing done.

Problems like this in production are common. It’s how you react to them that determines the outcome of the job. Here’s the tip and it sounds like a no brainer but it’s often over looked. Have flexibility in your schedule? If an actor is late, what else can you be working on. Your sound guy starts vomiting after lunch, who’s gonna step in and not screw everything up? Multiple problems. Do you have slop in your budget for overtime?

Next time, plan for problems and don’t worry about having problems on set. Because you’re prepared when they do happen.

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