There’s never been a better time to be a content creator. There’s more opportunity to create it. To publish it. And to get it seen by large audiences. And you can do that for a relatively low cost.

This is especially true for filmed content. Just a few years ago, to reach a wide audience you had to either be very lucky and have resources of a movie studio or TV network or you had to be an advertiser with a big check.

Now content creators have all sorts of outlets that provide large audiences. YouTube, Hulu and Amazon all provide web based distribution of content to audiences worldwide. There are more players entering the distribution game every day.

Digital production tools have driven the cost down of creation in magnitudes. What used to take multiple semis of gear and a small army can now be done with a cargo van and a small well trained crew. The barrier to entry has never been lower.

So what’s stopping you? Have an idea and a modest budget? Give us a shout.