Agency producers have it tougher than ever with the new reality of complex media production. Back when we first got into the business, campaigns and media buys were simple. Shoot 6 photos for the print campaign or three commercials for the TV campaign. The internet barely supported photography back then. Now, with Google Fiber, you can send images galore, even 4K video is possible. This means your media department and your creative department have colluded to create a very difficult and sometimes expensive process.

We once worked on a campaign where there were over 100 different specs for banner ads and over 30 for pre-roll video. What’s a producer to do when there’s so many assets that have to be created for every campaign? One option is to not sleep. Another would be to work with a team that has the skills and tools to work in multi-media asset creation. Need help executing your next complex media production job without losing sleep? Give us a shout today.