We’ve been producing video a long time and we’ve worked with a lot of clients on all types of shoots. Here’s a list of the top 5 things clients notice and then the things they should. Of course, not our clients! Ours are the best because we educate them. We make it a point they notice the important stuff!

Sound Team

5) They notice how many people are working on their project. Sometimes they’re happy how far their money has gone and sometimes the think they could have saved more money.

4) They notice the actors performances. This is a good thing.

3) The craft service table and the extent of the healthy snacks offered.

2) The quality of the wifi and cellular data connection in video village.

1) Whether or not they’ve heard from the home office in the last hour.

Now the top five things they don’t notice but should.

5) The quality of the sound. Clients rarely take Comteks receivers and/or headphones for listening to the audio recorded and when the do they usually tire form using them quickly. The production sound mixer is one of the most critical people to the success of a project.

4) Schedules and how closely production is sticking to the schedule.

3) Coverage. How well the production team is covering everything if in cutaways, b-roll and alternate shots.

2) Whether there’s been any thought to multiple endings, title cards or any other un-anticipated changes in post are being addressed.

1) How closely what’s been shot is actually inline with what the THINK they have approved. (This may be over some client’s heads, in which case they need to make sure they over communicate their expectations.)

If you’re an advertiser, be sure to take this list to your next shoot. If you’re a producer, make sure you go over these points with your client to avoid any problems like unexpected overtime, audio issues, editorial problems and the worst of all, producing the wrong film.