The Atlanta Video Production Market. A Producers Prospective.

In 2017,  Georgia topped Los Angles in film production. This number represents a huge shift in the Atlanta video production market and a very big change for producers and below the line crew members living and working in Atlanta. If you’re a smaller production company or a marketer looking to produce your own film and video projects in the Atlanta area, there are  a few things to keep in mind as Atlanta continues to grow with the Georgia tax incentives.

There will continue to be pressure put on the labor market for highly skilled professionals.

It’s important to understand there are several different production markets that tap the same skilled professionals.

  • There’s the big-budget studio projects that pay well and fund retirements and healthcare through union benefits. These producers get top pick of talent, some of which is shipped in from Los Angeles.
  • There’s mid-budget entertainment jobs, including TV shows that provide steady employment on both union and non-union terms.
  • There is union and non-union commercials and corporate work that provides a decent day rate which professionals can string together enough days to create a steady paycheck.
  • Indy films, ultra-low-budget films and music videos. Generally these projects do not provide income sufficient for mid-career professional. Unsurprisingly, they are harder to staff with experienced technicians. Often you’ll find a variety of experience on these types of sets.

If you want the best crew, make sure you have the budget.

People are the most expensive part of of any film and video production project whether you’re producing in LA, New York or Atlanta. While Atlanta is still a cheaper place to live and work than LA and New York, there is a highly-competitive labor market taking root. Good people aren’t fighting for scraps anymore. This means finding the best technicians doesn’t come cheap. You will need to pay somewhere close to union rates for non-union jobs and kit fees for will most likely need to be paid to department heads.

Want to get a good understanding of current rates? There is no better place to start than union sites. Here you can get an idea of what producers are contracting for at a union negotiated rate/term.

Good luck on you next Georgia production. Feel free to reach out if you need help staffing your next shoot in Georgia.