Will 2014 be the year of content marketing?

A lot of the same sort of predictions are being bandied about that we’ve been seeing for the last couple years.

  • More content marketing
  • More online ad retargeting
  • More social
  • Crowdsourcing of marketing content
  • More mobile
  • SEO to be more important
  • More integration

We’d have agree with most of this. Two of the trends that has been bandied about by the guru types as a solve for everything but cancer are social and crowd sourcing. First, for social, only certain “cult” brands are able to create a very large footprint with social. Brands that have a unique relationship with their core consumers. Frankly, if you make something less exciting than iPads and Harley choppers, good luck finding a large group of people to spread your message for free.

Crowd sourcing of marketing content. If you’re expecting a crowd of free labor to spread a strategic message about why others should buy your product, you’re dreaming. Unless of course your Mr Harley or Mr Davidson.

So what’s the takeaway? Like every year plan effectively, have a good strategy, understand your audience and work on creating marketing content that’s integrated and makes use of social and mobile platforms effectively.

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