Wondering what the year of RED is all about? The future and 4K content acquisition.

In 2012 we did an awful lot of work with our Canon DSLRs. They provided an excellent value for our clients and the footage looks great when properly lit. We plan on shooting with DSLRs more in 2013 but we have recently purchased a Red Digital Cinema camera system and believe that for most of our clients this will offer an even better value.

Most of our clients are seeking a great return on their investment for their production dollars. We’re not the cheapest but we’re far from the most expensive option either. We achieve a great value proposition by focusing on the things that create good production values: writing, great lighting, authentic performances and technology. The Red Digital Cinema cameras offer some of the best technology available today.

One way is the over 4k image size easily translates into many different applications. Imagine being able to crop your footage for all sorts of different applications including vertical online banners and motion POP and trade show displays without any loss in quality. And with the rise in “retina” style screens and also the trend towards 4k playback, the content our clients are creating today will still be relevant over the next several years.

If you’re interested in learning about 4k video acquisition, and why we believe this is the year of RED, please reach out to us and let us know about your project. To learn why we believe it offers the best value available today, reach out to us today.