Just how long should your web video be? The answer is short – shorter than you think.

We understand that you’ve got a lot to say, but unless your brand story is really entertaining, you’re likely to loose your audience after two and a half minutes, maybe even sooner.

The best way to keep them engaged is to break up your content into small chunks. Think of these shorter pieces as paragraphs that enable you to tell your story as a five paragraph essay rather than one giant block of words.

If you have more than one message to communicate, maybe it would be better to break those messages up in to bite sized chunks as well. Start thinking of the videos as chapters rather than a book. Each chapter doesn’t need to contain the entire message just a single subject.

There’s a good chance your video won’t be entertainment. And it’s not fair to compare your marketing message with that of entertainment. Yes, a sports fan will watch their team lose a game for 3 hours straight. But there’s a deep emotional connection there they don’t likely have with your product.

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