Over shooting can cause big problems downstream in your production. Don’t over shoot.

This may seem obvious but it needs to be stated – don’t over shoot. With media costs getting so cheap and digital cameras being able to shoot continuously it seems to make sense to shoot more footage than is necessary (just in case) but it doesn’t really if what you’re shooting has no specific need.

I’m a firm believer in extra coverage. That means grabbing another camera angle or an extra take.  However, I’m not in favor of an extra set up or an extra scene just because we can. Besides making your crew and actors tired it also creates a data management complication for your editorial team downstream.

Imagine you spent a few hours rolling on some extra bits which you may or may not use. It’s in the can and didn’t really cost you anything, right?

First it needs to be backed up. That can take hours. Then it needs to be logged. More hours. Then your editors need to review it as do your producers and or the creative team. Then they may waste even more time messing with it to see if they can find any use for it. Too much of this and you’ve wasted days of man hours that could have been billed to a real job or spent getting your show closer to completion. Good set-time management has downstream consequences. So don’t over shoot. Especially without a plan.

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