Video production Tip for Art Directors, Copywriters and Creative Directors

Our favorite video production tip for creatives comes from an art director we used to work with showed up on set with a 30 frame storyboard. This seemed like overkill but she said she did before every shoot and it prevented her from having any surprises in the edit.

By sketching out what would be on screen literally every second of a completed TV spot, she forced herself not to just to think about how the spot would cut together but actually do it beforehand.

How is this different from a storyboard or shooting board? Well, a storyboard is really just an visual aid for selling the spot to the client and communicating the idea and vision to stakeholders. By the time you’re on set, things will have changed a lot.

And shooting boards are representations of the angles and shots covered by the camera crew. Helpful for the director and camera crew for getting their job done but they’ll be long gone by the time your project is in edit.

What we’re talking about doing is actually a visual representation of the shot that will be on screen each and every second. Sort of a rough cut before any footage is shot. If you have this done before hand, you should never  miss a shot on set ever again.

We hope this video production tip helps on your next shoot. Check out our blog for more helpful ideas on how to make your next video production a success.