What exactly is video content marketing? This is one of the hottest topics of brand marketers today but also one of the least understood.

Isn’t video content marketing just a fancy jargon for saying a commercial you may ask? Well, no. A commercial is usually a 30 second spot that no one really wants to see. They’re an interruption. Content marketing is something that someone really wants to see that also has a sales message. Something your audience may have actually sought out.

This can be very overt, like a YouTuber pitching their product throughout a video or as subtle as Hasbro’s animation studio and TV network partnership.  Disney is an amazing content marketer and so was George Lucas. How many toys have those movies sold over the years. It’s hard to fathom.

What strategy is right for your brand. Well, that depends on the size of your brand, the personality of the brand and knowing your customers. Most marketers aren’t on the level of Disney. But if you have an interesting product you probably have interesting content waiting to be developed.

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