The average American spends over an hour a day interacting with the phone, much of that time is spend wacthing mobile video. Smart phones hve been out selling PCs for the last decade. Many consumers only access the internet through their mobile device. Tablets sales are blew away expectations and now wearable tech is the next frontier. And now PublicisSapient are expecting video ad spending on mobile to eventually outpace commercials on TV.

If you are a marketer and you are not delivering branded content to mobile devices you are ignoring your customer base. Not only are they watching it, they’re demanding it, sharing it and interacting with it.

In fact, some brands are creating their own applications and sites for their content. Brands like Redbull and AirBnB have branded content right on their apps! Integrated with their products.

Still from mobile video app.

Screenshot from mobile video app.

In fact, new video platforms are coming out every month. And the existing ones are growing. All of these platforms are hungry for content and marketers to help them grow. There’s never been a better time to get in on a new media movement. To learn how you can maximize your impact on the mobile video movement just reach out to us here.