We want to get this out and in front of everyone just to make sure there are no possible misunderstanding with potential clients looking to produce a commercial. We’re not the production company for everyone so maybe you don’t want to work with us.

Are you looking for the cheapest vendor possible produce a commercial?

That’s not us. We can work miracles with budgets but there’s always going to be someone cheaper, less experienced and less capable. Yes, we’re hungry for doing great work but if you’re looking for dirt cheap try craigslist.com. But if you are looking for great creative talent at a reasonable cost, look no further.

You find passionate creatives annoying.

We’re very passionate about creating great work. If you find an obsession to develop the best narrative, to constantly refine details and push to get the best out of the cast and crew a hassle please don’t call us. There are plenty of folks you can find searching Google who create mediocre work. We’re sure they’ll be much less passionate and annoying about doing it right.

You want someone to just shoot the damn boards and shut up.

We have more to add to your production than a camera and some lights. We view the boards as the starting point for producing something truly great. Much like an architect’s plan, we see your boards as the template for a building something awe inspiring. We believe it’s our job to point out the little things that will push and refine the idea to make the produced piece even better.  Great execution is what makes great boards shine when the production is done.

You want to do it the same way you always have.

A lot of things we do, we do the industry standard way. Like we’ll hire a gaffer to rig. But when we can save you some money by using the latest technology, tweaking how something is shot or combining resources of a photoshoot and video shoot we do it. (And it makes most of our clients really happy.) We’re always looking at the newest tech for producing a commercial and thinking creatively to save you money and make your production better.

We understand that many people reading this will think we’re not the right group of people to collaborate with. And you know what, we’re OK with that. Because we really love working with people who have the same attitude about producing great work as we do. Call us if you want to work with a team passionate about making your ideas insanely awesome little films.