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Facebook Live may be today’s most important platform

Seems like all the influencers are “going Facebook Live”.  You could argue that it may just be a trend but it’s one that’s being rewarded big time by Facebook. Smart brands and agencies are getting on the proverbial band wagon and taking advantage of Facebook’s bias to live content. After all, just about anyone with a iPhone is capable or providing live content on demand. But what does this mean for brands?

Really it’s a no brainer. Facebook is helping provide an audience at a low cost so brand should definitely make live part of their mix. Fluid Films is on top of this trend and we’re currently updating our rate sheet to include live streaming productions instead of custom bidding live jobs to make it easier for our clients to get a quick idea of the costs associated with live streaming their client’s events. We’re looking to make it as simple as possible for our clients to get into the live space as possible.

If you’re interested, we can provide you quick information on what is required to get your production up and running including the necessary equipment and people. We understand that brands want this transition to live to be as seamless as possible, that why we’ve done the legwork for you assembling the team and resources to get the job done without any hiccups.

First and foremost for brands to consider is the production quality they want to bring to their events? Is this a simple announcement or will it be treated more like a live TV show. Or somewhere in between. All will require the same encoding and streaming technology but production will be on a different scale.

Second they need to consider the event production itself. Many clients are used to filming web videos and commercials but have little experience with live events besides trade shows and internal presentations. Live events require preparation, rehearsals and an many cases, professional presenters.

Third, make sure follow best practices completely through the process for concept to execution. There are not second takes with live so you really can’t make any mistakes. This includes things like promotion of the event, notifying your fans through posts and giving your audience a chance to log on after the broadcast starts. Not to mention any of the technical aspects.

Facebook Live is an exciting opportunity for brands. Be sure before you start broadcasting to make sure your team is up to speed and ready for the challenge. Feel free to reach out to us at Fluid Films if you have any questions about Facebook Live.