Every year, Fluid Films celebrates the holidays by donating our services and the concern comes up on how to best mark the holiday season. Maybe do something funny, create something serious, or just send out a thoughtful card. But instead of doing something about ourselves, we decided to get to the heart of the matter and explore the act of giving. So we created a short film about City of Refuge and the volunteers who go out in the city’s most at risk neighborhood and feed those who need nourishment and hope the most.

What we were most struck by, talking with recipients and the volunteers, is that those giving were getting as least as much back as they were providing. Please take a moment to watch and if you feel moved consider making a small donation. Hopefully it won’t only be Fluid Films who celebrates this holiday season.

If you have a non-profit project you’d like us to help you with please let us know. We offer discounted services for those doing good in our community.