We love our work. Every commercial or online video we make is a precious piece of art that we guide from concept to completion. We love each one of them and hope that they have a dramatic impact on their audience. They have our hopes and aspirations, like children.

But like children, sometimes are expectations for the videos we produce are unrealistic. Not everyone’s child can grow up to be president. And not every video production can grow up to be a viral video with 100,000,000 views. That just doesn’t happen anymore without a little help. Or a lot of help in form or ad dollars and paid celebrity retweets.

If you’re about to launch a video project, we urge to love your videos individually. Give them the attention they deserve but to also see them as part of an ongoing campaign for the attention of your audience. The more touchpoints, videos and other online assets,  you create, the more likely your audience will be listening.

Show your audience you’re in it for the long haul and that you will keep providing them quality entertainment and they’ll come back to you for more. And more. They may even share your videos with their friends and you’ll build your own audience. Wouldn’t that be cool.