The quantity of video production is exploding today. A decade ago, internet speeds didn’t support web streaming with consistency. Buffering was as common as well playing video. Now people are watching live sports on their phones while riding the bus. It seems like everyone is watching video a different video on a different device all the time.

How does a brand compete with so much content competing for attention? People will watch what’s interesting for them so you need a strategy that takes that into account.

Brands must focus not just on quality but a quantity of videos that address all the relevant niches for your brand. We stress not mass just quantity. It’s not enough to do something really great because there’s a lot of really great out there. With such a huge amount of content available for all sorts of different demographics and interests, you have to be in multiple places at multiple times with great quality content that’s relevant to your audience.

People now only watch what interests them.  If you’re not creating what they’re looking for, there’s little chance they’ll seek you out. If you’re a mass market brand you’ll need to create enough content that appeals to enough people that they’ll want to find you.

Now back to quality. This is a subjective word. Ever read Robert Persig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values. He drones on and on about quality for hundreds of pages. The easiest way to decide if it’s high enough quality is would you want to watch it if you had the same interests as your target. Is it a good story well told? Also, does it meet the industry standards of production quality.

Good luck with your content strategy. If you need any assistance developing one, please feel free to reach out.