2014 appears to be the year that 4K televisions have hit the mainstream. Too bad the content availability doesn’t yet match the possibilities of these sets offer as they arrive in homes daily.

It doesn’t appear that the traditional content delivery providers, including satellite and cable companies are ready to pipe 4K content to homes anytime soon. It took innovators like HD Net to prove there was indeed a market for HD content long after the first HD sets were available.

The transition to 4K looks to happen much soon thanks to wide adoption by consumers of content streaming already. And the devices that consumers are streaming to are made by the same companies providing the set. That means there’s already a gateway and a desire to get content in the home. In fact, Sony as a content producer and technology company is currently able to provide a growing library of content to it’s customers.

For many still, the only way to see 4k content is YouTube. Which is an open platform for anyone who wants to create content. Soon we expect to see Netfix and other streaming platforms (possibly iTunes and Roku) and apps opening up more ways to get content in the home. Also, camera maker RED is selling it’s own 4K player and announced a partnership for their own content distribution network.

How can a marketer get involved in this revolution? Create your own content. Sponsor content. Or provide your own platform via apps or web delivery. The current market isn’t here yet, but it’s coming and faster than most people realize.

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