Getting a reality show produced and on the air takes a lot more than assembling a film crew. It takes an understanding of the market, the pitch process and how to make a dynamic, entertaining, and absolutely killer pilot and/or sizzle reel that speaks to network executives. Reality show production also takes a speculative investment of time and money. It’s not for faint hearts or light wallets.


Things to consider when consider for a reality show production:
The market:

The market changes everyday, yes really. And unfortunately the market doesn’t care how good or entertaining your idea is. One week networks are looking for red-neck beauty pageant contestants, the next they want another cooking competition. The idea you had this week may be a week or month too late. How do you know? Our group of producers is in constant contact with agents and network development executives and has inside knowledge of the type of material networks are buying today.

The reality pitch process:

How do you articulate your idea to a busy network executive in a way that makes it feel fresh, innovative and capable of drawing and audience? It takes experience to give your idea the credibility and polish it deserves.

Making your reality show idea real:

No network is going to buy your show just based on your pitch, especially from someone who’s not a household name. You will have to show them how great your idea is with exciting characters and concepts that pop on screen. Or if you’re really convinced your idea is dynamite, with a produced season. Where do you start? We can help.