CES is going to create a lot of buzz about new and exciting products that promise to change the way we all spend our time and interact with one another.

CES’ poll dancing robots

Problem is, most of them will not change behavior in any meaningful way. And none of them will change anything at all in the next year or so.

Let’s take VR and AR as an example. There is huge money and energy being put into VR by none other than Facebook. Facebook controls eyeball more than any company has in the existence of humanity (Google is a close second). We’ve yet to see significant adoption of this technology. This will not change anytime soon.

More gimmick technology is going to “blow people away” like holograms and “voxels” that look on the surface like they’re game changers until you start to think about human behavior.

What’s the point here? Don’t get too excited about how CES is going change your business. In the last 40 years there haven’t been that many game changers (the internet, social media and the iPhone qualify for me) and they weren’t introduced at CES.

Instead of focusing on the shiny and new introduced as CES, those of us in the video advertising and marketing business should be focused on strategic goals and creating tactical advantages for our clients. We should also focus on mastering our technical skills in the areas that server our clients today.